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Welcome to The Corinthians Help Foundation

The Corinthian Help Foundation is an initiative of some likeminded people who have a common passion and burden to assist less privileged children around them. These people, who had in the past offered assistance to children and widows in their individual capacities, especially members of the household of faith now consider it appropriate to reach out to other people in order to extend help to more children and widows.

Our Vision
  • Our Dreams

    To be a haven of hope providing educational shelter for the less privileged in the household of faith and humanity, and a succorer to the widow.

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Why The Corinthians Help Foundation

Lots of children are not in school due to lack of financial resources in spite of the amount of wealth in the household of faith. Many widows are suffering, not for laziness, but because the family burden meant to be carried by two people is being carried by one and nobody seems to care.


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