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One time donation

You can give a one-time donation to CHF by cash or cheque, into the Foundation’s account.


Sponsors can also make a pledge to give some money to the Foundation on a regular basis. Such sponsors can fill our on-line pledge form and mail back to us, or send us an e-mail with details of the pledge.


Adopt a child ’ scheme.

Our prospective partners are also encouraged to support the Foundation via the ‘Adopt a child’ scheme. Under this Plan, a sponsor will work with the Foundation to identify a child/children who will be adopted and sponsored for the full duration of an academic program. The Sponsor has a choice to remain anonymous or meet the beneficiary depending on what suits the Sponsor. Here, periodic statements of academic performance will be made available to the Sponsor on a regular basis in line with the Academic Calendar of the sponsored child/children.

Commemorative sponsorship

Prospective sponsors can also give to the Foundation to commemorate special events in their lives. You can choose to make a lump sum donation, or adopt a child to celebrate an achievement in your life. Memories of a special birthday, promotion or victory can be made even more special by your contribution to a positive change in another person’s life. Such beneficiaries become a part of your celebration and an evidence of that event.


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